Accessing Emergency Support Services (ESS℠)

Our help desk will take emergency calls 24/7 365 for all clients declaring an emergency technical support request.

In all cases Emergency Requests MUST be called in. We will not accept tickets submitted via the support portal for emergency issues.

This assures you that a responsible person has received your request and is working to a resolution.

What is an Emergency?

VOICE1 defines an emergency as the following:

  • System or service outage preventing normal business activity
  • Loss of telephony services
  • complete loss, or significant delays accessing hosted service. 
    Including VPS, Hosted IVR, Hosted PBX, Hosted Dialer solutions.


Call our toll free number 1.855.252.8788 select option 9 "Emergency Support Services (ESS℠)"

You will be greeted with a short disclosure and asked if you wish to be transferred to live engineer.

The engineer will request some information from you, including verifying if you have a valid support agreement.

If you do not have a valid support agreement, you will be required to prepay for ESS ℠. 

Support will continue at emergency rates until one of the following conditions have been reached.

  • Resolution of issue has been reached
  • Issue has been stabilized and is able to be worked around or addressed at a later time for resolution.
  • Prepaid/or allocated support time has expired.
  • You determine you want to stop emergency support services.

Stabilization of issue

The intended goal of Emergency Support Services is to stabilize the issue so that services can be resumed. This also minimizes your support costs.

Each situation is different, but if an issue can be resolved, within the allocated time, we will do so. If however the issue requires further investigation, and a solution is not immediately available, we may deploy a work around on a temporary basis so that services can be resumed. If a workaround is deployed ESS℠ will stop and work will be resumed during normal scheduled service hours at the standard rates.


Emergency Rate charges are posted here 

Unless you have a current and valid service/maintenance agreement which specifically includes emergency support services.


VOICE1 provides a blend of different services under one roof. As such it can be sometimes difficult to determine which service is covered and which is not. In all cases if VOICE1 is providing SIP Trunking services, and you are experiencing a service outage due to SIP Trunks being unavailable you will not be charged for Emergency Support Service. This will be determined at your initial call to support.