The following is our standard response level based on Priority of your ticket.

Your ticket will by default be set to low priority. You are welcome to adjust the priority based on your requirements. 

Please keep in mind that setting your case to Urgent or High may place your service in a higher cost support bracket, depending on your service level agreement.

Please see our website for current pricing

Tickets with multiple issues will automatically be set to low priority. You are strongly encouraged to create one issue per ticket for the best resolution times.

Emergency Support

VOICE1 does not accept Emergency Support requests through the support portal. We believe that any issue deemed an emergency needs to be processed by a live person immediately, as such we require all emergency support requests, to be initiated by phone. This way you have a live person to assess the situation and get things resolved quickly.

What IS an Emergency?

VOICE1 classifies an emergency as any issue which causes a complete stop of normal production. Such as a core service not responding, or of a service interruption. If you are experiencing a situation that fits these criteria please call 855.252.8788

Voice1 reserves the right to reprioritize your ticket based on our assessment of the issue.