systems at are protected by our SBC's. In order to allow your remote workers access.

It is suggested that you use a dynamic DNS service for remote workers that you can control. Services like: 

  • No-IP
  • FreeDNS
  • Dynu
  • DynDNS
  • DuckDNS

All offer methods to just manage dynamic name assignments. However many DNS providers also provide this functionality such as 

  2. CloudFlare
  3. Amazon Route53

Each provider offers different ways to authenticate and send updates, most use a locally installed client that needs to be running on each computer or gateway. See your choosing DynamicDNS provider or DNS provider for instructions on how to set that up.

Once you have the dynamic hostname, you can add that entry to our SBC using the API. 

You can review the API endpoints for the SBC here They contain several methods to check current IP addresses and to add or delete records.

Contact one of our support specialists for the unique alias group assigned to you. 

We will use curl for this example, most Linux and MacOS systems have curl already installed. If you do not have curl installed you can download the current version here

To create a new hostname alias 

curl --user "login:password"  -X POST ""
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json'
    -d '{"alias": "ALIASGROUPNAME", "hostname": "YOURDYNAMIC.DNS.NAME", "description": "A reminder of why this being added."}'

You can use the same process to request what a hostname is set to:

curl --user "login:password" -X GET ""

Be sure to change the ALIASGROUPNAME and YOURDYNAMIC.DNS.NAME to match your needs.

If using the command prompt is not your cup of tea, you can use API clients like Postman, HTTPie, Nightingale REST Client among others. Many IDE's like visual studio code even have REST clients built into them, although they save you from having to open a command prompt or typing some commands in a terminal. These tools often have many other features and settings that may take you longer to get used to using or setting up, whereas cURL will often be quicker and is scriptable should you decide to automate your processes.