For advanced users, you can use our API to manage your E911 address and number assignments. 

The API is documented here

You can use any programming language you wish as the API is a simple REST-based structure. 

Storing a new E911 Address

You can store as many addresses as you like, a monthly charge of $0.50 per address applies to email address storage if not associated with a number.

Use the Create E911 Address method to create an E911 Record. This is just an address, it still needs to be associated with a phone number.

Before creating an address you should perform an address validation. this will let you determine if the address you are wishing to add is in the 911 responders database. From time to time the address will not exist and must be manually added to the system. If you receive an error on validation due to Geocode not being able to be located, submit a ticket at  and an account representative will be in touch with you to validate and resolve the address issues.

If your address is able to be validated, then you can proceed to submit the address

After you have submitted the address you can then associate a phone number with your address. This can be done by the{e911_id}/associated/{number} method. Be that the number you are assigning is not already in use by another address, as you can only have one address per number. 

If the number is already in use you will need to either choose a new number or purchase a new number. If the number is in use by an older record, you can deactivate the old address.{number_id}/deactivate and then remove the address{e911_id}. You do not have to remove the address, in case you may use it again, or for users that move between multiple addresses, you may opt to keep the address on your account so that you can just reassign a number to the correct address.

Some common scripting languages for API Programming are python, PHP, NodeJS, and plan cURL from a command prompt. Methods are easy to digest and simple to facilitate.

Currently, this is available only by API.