New Phone

To set up a new phone for hot-desking long into the /admin portal of your Switchvox.

Under "Setup > Phones > Sangoma Phones" Under the Desk Phones tab, select the "Quick-Create Assignments" button.

You must specify a phone location when adding a new phone for hot desking. This is because 911 number needs to be assigned.


If you have pre-configured a Phone Location rule to use for 911 select it from the "Location" dropdown. 

Select the "Assign for Hot Desking" button so that it is Green. When you do so, some of the options will be grayed out.

Enter the phone's "MAC Address" in the provided field. Be sure to include the ":" in the mac address.

If you have several phones to add, you can select the "Add Row" and populate as many phones as you require.

The phone should now show up under "Setup > Phones > Hot Desking" If you specified a phone location as well that will be identified here as well.

You can filter your list by searching or selecting the "Displaying" dropdown to show the location. 

Existing Users

For existing users that are already assigned a Digium phone, it is advised to first remove the phone provisioning to that user.

You can do so by going to "Setup > Phones > Sangoma Phones" and under the "Desk Phones" tab locate the user/phone, you want to enable for hotdesking.

It is advisable to enable the user's extension to use hot Desking before assigning their phone to use hotdesking. This will help prevent blocked IPs depending on your organization's ACL rules.

Copy the current phone's "MAC Address", as you will need it shortly. 

Select the red "X" next to the assigned phone, and delete the assignment.

This will cause the user's account to be removed from the phone and for the phone to reboot. This is normal.

While the phone is rebooting go and add the mac address you copied as a Hot Desking phone. (See the first section). You should do this quickly if you do not have remote access to the phone, to prevent possibly blocked IP's.

You have not enabled the users existing phone to be used for "hot desking"

See "Allow user to Hot Desk" to allow the user access.

Allow user to Hot Desk

To allow the user to hotdesk you must assign the user's phone as a "Sangoma Hot Desking" model.

Go to "Setup > Manage" and under the user you wish to enable hot-desking for select the manage phones icon. (it is the 3rd one).

If the user is assigned a D6x phone model or P3xx phone model and it is shown as the main extension under the  Phone Model, stop and go remove the assignment before proceeding. You should see a red warning about the Main extension being Not Assigned If so, select the edit icon and select "Hot Desking" from the phone dropdown list.

You should end up with a result simiular to the following below

Log in to Hot Desk Phone

When a phone is not logged in, it will display the "Phone Location" label in the top right. It will also show a soft button on the bottom of the LCD with the "Login" button.

You will need your assigned extension AND your VOICE MAIL PIN to login. If you do not have this, you will have to reset your PIN.

Enter your assigned extension and use the directional arrow pad to navigate to the next field and enter your voicemail PIN and select OK.

Your phone will reboot and will be reprovisioned with your specific extension information.

To log out select the "More" soft button twice until you see the "LOGOUT" soft button. You will be prompted to assure you wish to log out.

User Forgot to Logout

A hot desked phone will stay logged in until the phone is either logged out, or the same extension is logged in to another phone. 

This is not only convenient for hybrid workers, and staff w/o assigned desks, but also for offices that have users moving around or working from different work stations.

As an admin, you may even consider enabling hot desking for all your phone deployments, and when you put phones out simply log the user in and leave them logged in. When you decide to enable hot-desking, for a user, your already setup, 


When a phone is enabled for hot-desking, you must assign a location that has the proper e911 information associated with it. When a phone has the location information properly set, it will use this associated phone number for all emergency calls. Effectively the E911 phone number is tied to the physical location of the phone and not the location of the user's extension.

This allows you to have a phone deployed for a remote worker with one e911 configuration and allow them to work in the office with another phone using that location's e911 configuration. This prevents the need to consistently change or update 911 records for hybrid workers and simplifies management.