New online form:

We are working on providing an online form to submit changes. In the meantime please use the following template to email us with the correct data.  You can copy and paste the information below into a new email and send it to 

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To assure consistent and accurate data input all 911 modifications additions or changes must be filled out with the following template. 
All fields are required to be populated. 

Missing or inaccurate information will result in the change being rejected.

To use this template copy the entire table, and paste it into a new email, and fill out the 'Value' column with the correct data.



One of 'add', 'update', 'remove'
The registration code of your PBX. This assures that the rules are applied to the correct system. If you do not know your REGCODE, it can be found on your phone system under Server > Registration for Switchvox systems. or contact your system administrator. If you are not using a Switchvox please indicate your billing account number here.
Outbound 911 Caller ID Number

Outbound phone number currently used on PBX.

This should match your provider format usually 1 + 10 Digits

Leave blank to have a new number purchased and assigned to your account.

Inbound Number

Inbound phone number used for 911 call back (in most cases this should be the same)

This should match your provider format usually 1 + 10 Digits. This is usually the same as your outbound 911 number.

Inbound Number Destination (Extension)

What extension does the inbound number need to reach? (This is the user's extension in most cases)
Keep DID

One of 'yes' or 'no' - Indicating 'no' will remove the phone number from inventory.
Is Remote Worker

must be one of 'yes' or 'no'. If set to 'Yes' this user is not located in your main office and must have a unique phone number for 911.  If set to 'No' this user should retain their own unique number but may use an alternative number. This is unique to each location and office and must follow internal procedures. This value has no action on how 911 information is displayed and is used for informational purposes only.
Current 911 Label

This label is for internal reference only and should not be used for identifying actual 911 information. You should use the actual phone number for verifications. 
911 Label

This label is for internal reference only and may not be accurately applied across all systems. You should use the actual phone number for verifications. Enter 'Auto' to allow the system to auto-assign the label.
Authorized Approver Contact Info

This is the name and contact info of the individual authorizing and approving the change request. This should be the name, email address, and contact phone number. By populating this you are affirming that you have validated the correct information and are providing accurate 911 information and legal responsibility and accuracy in accordance with FCC E911/911 regulation and the recent Kari's Lay and RAY BAUM'S Act. (FCC Fact Sheet)

 E911 Address Data
First Name

Last Name

Street Number

Street Name

Address Type

You must specify one of the following items. If you select 'None' or 'Residential' you can not specify an Address Type Number. For all other entries, you MUST specify the Address Type Number. 
  • None
  • Apartment
  • Basement
  • Building
  • Department
  • Floor
  • Front
  • Key
  • Lobby
  • Lot
  • Lower
  • Office
  • Penthouse
  • Pier
  • Rear
  • Residential
  • Room
  • Side
  • Slip
  • Space
  • Stop
  • Suite
  • Trailer
  • Unit
  • Upper
Address Type Number

Must be empty if address type is None or Residential
NOTE  For office locations, You may provide the floor detail and add specific location info to the Address Type Number. e.g.: 2_NW_CORNER, 2_Room12
You however can not use any spaces. so use '_' between parts.


2 letter abbreviation required


2 letter country code required.

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