We can accept auto-pay for ACH or Credit Cards. Please see the bottom of this article for Auto-Pay authorization forms.

Invoice Auto-Pay:

If you have a reoccurring invoice you can register for auto-pay when you open your invoice.

When you receive your digital invoice, you will have a green "Pay Now" button on the top left side:

After clicking the "Pay Now" you will be taken to an online view of your invoice. Across the top, on the right side, you should see a blue "Set up auto-pay" button.

Clicking the button will bring up the Credit Card dialog, note the check box above the "Pay" button. Checking this will enable auto-pay for the specific invoice.

Currently, Auto-Pay is only available from the customer payment portal for credit card purchases, and for reoccurring invoices only.  To enable auto-pay for non-recurring invoices please fill out and return the reoccurring authorization form to ap@voice1.me.

ACH Auto-Pay

Please fill out and return the authorization ACH Authorization form to ap@voice1.me.