Your Digium Switchvox can support multiple audio formats, depending on where they are being used.

For music on hold (MoH): 

Audio records should be in OGG format, although MP3 can be used, it is not recommended.

MoH is used when you press the 'hold' button while on a call. It is also used for playing to customers while they are waiting in a Queue.

For IVR's: 

You must use PCM Wav files, formatted as 16Bit 8000 Hz mono. for the best compatibility. 

Call recordings: 

Will be saved as PCM WAV format on the system.

Call about VOICE1 Switchvox Call Recording Converter to receive call recordings as M4A, MP3, or OGG formats as well as saving them to external storage such as AWS/Wasabi or to your existing CRM/ERM.