Your Switchvox can support multiple audio formats, depending on where they are being used.

Regardless of your source audio, all formats should be down sampled to 16Bit MONO and either 8000Hz or 16000 Hz. This assures proper compatibility with existing phone networks and provides the best audio to your users.

For music on hold (MoH): 

Audio records should be in OGG format, although MP3 can be used, it is not recommended.

MoH is used when you press the 'hold' button while on a call. It is also used for playing to customers while they are waiting in a Queue.

OGG is a newer audio format designed for the modern day. It provides better audio quality at lower bit-rates than MP3 can provide. It is also a license free audio codec, making it unrestricted in supporting software applications. Never heard of it? Spotify streams all its music as OGG.

When using OGG be sure to downsample your souce to 1600Hz Mono, Mid Quality. (56000 bps) for a good balance between quality and audio size.

For IVR's: 

You must use PCM Wav files, formatted as either 16Bit 8000 Hz mono or 16Bit 16000Hz mono. for the best compatibility. 

For Voicemail Recordings:

They should also be in the same format as your IVR recordings as listed above. They can then be up loaded in the users web portal individually. Just follow the same procedure

If you would like to avoid the need to properly convert your audio formats, just use the above reference as is and record your audio over the phone.

Call recordings: 

Will be saved as PCM WAV format on the system. These are in 16Bit 8000Hz Mono PCM WAV format.

Switchvox does not automatically convert your recordings to alternative formats. If you have a need for your audio in a lossy format contact us about VOICE1 Switchvox Call Recording Converter to receive call recordings as M4A, MP3, or OGG formats as well as saving them to external storage such as AWS/Wasabi or to your existing CRM/ERM.

Converting Audio Formats

Audio conversion can vary highly in the resulting quality. As a rule you should always start with the highest quality source audio so that when you down sample, you retain good audio quality. Never convert from a lossy audio format (MP3,OGG,M4A, etc.) You source audio should be high quality PCM WAV audio or RAW audio.

Professional Audio Prompts

Not every recording provider is able to provide you with the correct audio formats. Or may charge an additional fee for the time involved to down sample to the required formats. If you are using a gig contractor such as a Fivrr agent, or other freelancer, be sure to budget for multiple reversions until it is correct. 

Alternatively VOICE1 partners with language specialty company that specializes in translation services globally. Our working relationship with them means that your audio recordings are provided in the correct format the first time so you can be up and running fast and without delays.  If you are interested in having VOICE1 provide audio prompts and Music on Hold for your company, contact one of our sales representatives and we can make sure you have the correct audio recordings and even support multilanguage formats for your needs.