These are the steps for creating your voicemail greeting from the user interface of the Switchvox

  1. Login to ip.address.of.your.PBX /main user interface
  1. Select Voicemail /Fax > Voicemail Options
  2. Select the Create Recording button


  1. Greetings are recorded or uploaded sounds that play to a caller when you don't answer the phone. You can upload a sound file from your computer, or record a greeting using your phone.
  2. When making your recording. Be sure to select the "Default Rule's" toggles. If you do not, your recording will not be used and the system default recording will be used until you change it.
  3. The default greeting is Switchvox reading your extension digits, and then the caller can record a message.
  4. The greeting that Switchvox plays can be different if you are already on a call (Busy greetings) or if you are just not answering the phone (Unavailable greetings).
  5. If you don't want to distinguish between Busy and Unavailable, set Use Unavailable greetings when busy to Yes.
  6. You can create as many greetings as you want, but only one can be active for each situation (Busy, Unavailable, Full Name).