Call Rules, Controlling how users reach you.

Digium Switchvox allows user very powerful control over how callers can reach you. Both in terms of the time of day, status, and what types of calls you wish to receive, or send to voicemail.

Digium has already provided some wonderful videos on accomplishing this 

Adding all this power to the end users can cause your system to stop behaving as expected. 

For example, lets assume a user has set a call rule, and has opted to send all calls to voicemail. Because they are going on a trip.

Now if this users is part of a queue, this means all out side callers will go to this persons voicemail when a call is sent to their phone.

This is likely not what you want, and results in calls being misdirected to the wrong person. To combat this it is advised to not allow users to set their own call rules, and to disable the users ability to set or modify them. In stead opting to allow only the PBX Administrator to make these changes.

If you do choose to let users make their own changes, (the default), and calls start going to odd places, you can bet that one or more of your users has set the call rule in correctly.