How to access your voicemail remotely

Depending on your setup, you can access your voicemail remotely using one of the following methods.

  1. Using the Switchvox Soft phone application.
  2. Using a dedicated number to access your voicemail box.
  3. By pressing "*" (the 'star' key or asterisk), when you get your own voicemail box.

The exact method used depends on how your system is configured. If the option you wish to use is not functioning or is unavailable to you, you may need to contact your PBX administrator, or open a support ticket with VOICE1 to enable the feature.

Please not that accessing voicemail remotely may expose your system to security issues and toll fraud. It is your responsibility to assure that all users use strong password to minimize potential abuse!

Method 1 (Preferred)

To use the Switchvox mobile application you must have the application installed and working on your mobile phone. (Android & iOS).

Open the mobile application and select the voicemail icon voicemail from the menu menu bar.

Method 2

If your office has a dedicated access number, contact your PBX Administrator for the access number to dial in.

You will be prompted for your mailbox. Enter your extension (e.g. 100)

You will be prompted for your password. Enter your numeric voicemail PIN. 

You should have a strong voicemail PIN. 10 digits or more is recommend. Non sequential or repeating numbers.

Method 3

If enabled, you may be able to access your voicemail when prompted to leave a voicemail by pressing the "*" key.

When prompted for your password you enter your voicemail PIN number.

You should have a strong voicemail PIN. 10 digits or more is recommend. Non sequential or repeating numbers.

Again this is disabled by default for the same reasons as listed above, you must train your users to use secure pin numbers.

If you do not know your voicemail PIN number. Contact your PBX Administrator to have your password reset.

Security Issues

If you are not under an active service agreement with VOICE1, or you are self administering your Digium Switchvox, you should be advised of the potential for toll fraud while exposing your voicemail system to remote users.

  • It may be possible for a remote caller to access your voicemail box and retrieve your voicemail.
  • It may be possible for a remote caller to exploit your voicemail system to forward calls to an outside number.

If a remote caller is able to set a forwarding number to there destination of choice, you are still responsible for the charges associated with those calls. It is not unheard of for organizations with weak passwords to be compromised through remote voicemail services, and result in tens of thousands of dollars in toll charges. 

It is recommend to use the softphone application as your primary method to access voicemail. 

For situations that are not able to use the mobile application, it is advisable that a strong password of at least 10 digits be used. 

Basic training for users is important, and switchvox lets you know visually if a users password is not secure. When accessing the PBX to manage extensions.

Those entries with the exclimation marks are there to inform you if the device has weak passwords.

An extension password (login password or numeric PIN) and the phone password are weak.

An extension password (login password or numeric PIN) is weak.

The phone password is weak.

Getting Help

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